Wednesday, 26 December 2012

So here we go: My idea in life is that you can eat the cake and have it too… Life is just too short not to enjoy every moment of it!
 When it comes to food and diets - these are the 2 biggest issues for women in the First World (in other parts of the world women just try to survive). We have all been on some weird diet and not even one of us is happy with her body. I wish I was skinny like Kate (Middleton and Moss) but I never will and quite frankly, when I do get close to their size…I look like shit! Never ever in my life did I manage to get a date while having a waist measurement of less than 27 inches, and of course there was all this loss of my hair, not getting my period and this dizziness that comes with this size; it’s just unhealthy for me.
But let’s stay focused. This blog is about enjoying life, be sexy, healthy and this thing that so many of us forget when it comes to looking good, what’s the word? Oh I remember now – happy!
There’s nothing  sexier then being happy and I’m going to be honest with you… being constantly on a diet doesn’t make you happy… you are not allowed to have ice cream, chocolate  or any processed carb and let’s be real: is it really life if you can’t eat chocolate?
This blog is here to show you how you can eat the thing you like (I eat enough chocolate to feed a small African country), look amazing and not spend your entire day at the gym using a few simple “rules”.


Researched and Written by Dana Gat  2012 ©


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