Sunday, 2 June 2013

You’re going to love this rule! You’re going to jump and start dancing because rule #14 is why you NEED to eat junk food.
Junk food is bad for you. That’s why we called it junk food so why the hell would I tell you to eat it?
First of all, you’re going to do it anyway (I know I do) so you might as well know where, how much and why.
When you eat healthy it’s amazing but too much from anything is BAD!
Take spinach for example: The king of superfood. It’s soooo good for you! It has ridiculous amounts of everything that’s good for you!
Proteins, carbs, vitamins (A, B6, C, K, E), all the minerals you can think of, antioxidants and omega -3!
You can pretty much live on spinach; Pretty much, but not really.
Like I said before, spinach is good for you and one of the reason it’s so good is the minerals in it.
Have you ever seen a mineral? Pretty cool rock. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s still a freaking ROCK!!!
I’m not really sure how Popeye did not suffer from kidney stones but if you eat too much spinach you would suffer from them and something tells me you don’t want to pee a stone. Apparently it hurt.
Too much from a good thing is bad but it’s still better than too much junk so don’t run and O.D. on junk food; let me finish first.
Luckily for you it won’t be long this time because it’s pretty simple but somebody has to say it.
You NEED junk food for a few reasons:
1)      You can’t diet forever!
You can sure try but eventually you will break and then this scenario will happen:
You waited so long to eat that you go ballistic and empty the entire fridge and then you’re so disgusted with yourself and you feel so fat that you don’t see a reason to try to lose the weight so you eat MORE.

That’s not going to help you.
Give your body the break it needs and wants from your diet on your own terms so you can control the situation and not go ballistic.

2)      Life is too short to suffer!
I keep saying it and I will never stop saying it. If your body craves something once in a while let your body have it, just because it’s fun.
Healthy or not healthy, you NEED to enjoy life because it’s too short not to enjoy it!

3)      Don’t spoil your body too much!
Your body can and needs to work.
It’s good for your body to work hard and stay in shape and once in a while to remind itself it’s able to get rid of junk.
If you eat junk food like once a month your body gets rid of it so fast that eating pizza can make you lose weight.
Problems start when you eat it too often; but once in a while it GOOD you.
If 3 years have passed and you ate extremely healthy but then you break and eat junk food you might get super sick because your body can’t deal with that, but if you keep your body in a shape to get rid of junk your body doesn’t get overwhelmed with the junk and it’s capable of enjoying it and then get rid of it.
Like it should!
Your body can take a lot. Don’t abuse it but don’t overprotect it.

This is how I EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT, I eat junk food.
And no, cake is not junk:. it’s a cake J.

Researched and Written by Dana Gat  2013 ©

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