Friday, 4 January 2013

After we have talked about rule #1 (eat fat )if you don’t want to be fat) it’s time for rule #2.
Are you ready? Are you sure? Rule #2 is: Abstention from alcohol!
In order for you to understand it, we are going to break it into 3 parts: beer, wine and my favorite personal poison of choice – hard liquor!!!
Beer is made from water (we love water), hops, yeast and barley. Now, we all eat barley some time (and I can’t wait to tell you all about how it is killing you softly) but for now I’m going to summarize it for you: Barley and yeast are gross! There is not there even a single nutrient that you need. True, there is the benefit of fiber; but if fiber is what you are after - try Quinoa  (it has 8gr of fiber per  100 gram). nobody needs barley or yeast. It’s going to blow you up. Now, there is gluten-free beer but they still use tons of sugar to produce the alcohol so think about it…
Hard Liquor:
Hard alcohol! Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila etc. You know, all the fun stuff J! I’m not going to lie to you. when I do drink (yes I sometime break the rules J) I love hard alcohol; Crantini is my favorite,  with 1.75 oz. Vodka and 0.25 oz. triple sec and cranberry juice; I LOVE it! One of the biggest problems with hard alcohol is that we drink it in a cocktail and we forget all the rest of the ingredients in it. For example Caesar, one of the most popular drinks here in Canada has 156 calories and 567mg sodium. Now you probably drink 2 or 3 when you go out, so it’s almost 500 calories and 1700mg of sodium!!!! Your daily recommended allowance of sodium is 1500mg so think about it…
Wine is not good for you, but compared to the rest (beer and hard alcohol) it’s not as bad for you, because there no wheat nor barley nor yeast in it. But there is still sugar in it - and a lot! But most of us do not drink enough wine to get drunk, meaning we don’t drink as much of it to have too much sugar. Still, it’s all about portion when it comes to wine. So if you have to drink alcohol go for wine but try to not drink more than 3 glasses in one night and not more than 5 glass per week
One of the big problem with getting drunk is that we all tend to eat when we are drunk. We eat way more then what we usually eat and let’s be honest with each other: Way more greasy So you’re going out for the night, you have some appetizer with some alcohol - maybe Caesar, maybe beer and you get drunk or just buzzed and you then you go and have some yummy pizza and we all know that when you wake up after a night of drinking how much you want greasy food. So go ahead and do the math for how many calories you just put in your body I’ll wait for you at the gym, ok?
Rule # 2: be careful with what you drink because it is easier not to pay attention to what you put in your body and if you want to eat the cake and not get fat - stay sober!
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