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So you survived so far! Good for you! But don’t you dare to rest, because the fun starts now!
After the last two posts I got a lot of great comments from all of you and also a lot of requests and questions about pretty much everything that involves food.
The most common comments I got were that until you read it in the blog you didn’t think about cocktails and the effects they have on your body and that it’s great that I’m not saying “Don’t eat it or drink it ever again”, because losing weight is not a problem, keeping it off is.
In case you forgot what we are trying to do here, it is to find a way for you to be hot, healthy and happy for a life time - and not just for 3 months!
I want to remind you that EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT does involve your eating the cake because life is for the living!
I thought about making it rule # 7 but I think we don’t have a choice but to make it rule # 3 because only yesterday I realized that most people don’t know what it does to their body. Sometimes I forget that not everybody is a health freak like me, who spends all day in studies about it. Thank god you have me to summarize it for you and give you the conclusion from personal experience and years of research.

Rule # 3 – Wheat Is Gross!

At some point in the 20th century we decided the we didn’t want to be fat and that we should cut on fat. Now, I’m sure you read rule #1 and you know that if you don’t want to be fat you need to EAT fat
Let’s go back to 20th century and our weird decision that cost us our health and that was that fat was bad for you, so you didn’t have any other choice but to eat more carbs (Yes, I say carbs and not carbohydrate; get used to it J ) and therefore to eat more wheat, up to a point where it dominated our diet.
Of course you need to eat carbs; cake has carbs in it and we are never going to give up on cake, right?
The correct answer is “never ever in my life!”
Let’s try to stay on topic, we’re taking about why wheat is a so bad for you (Don’t worry, rule #4 is on something that is good for and you need to eat more of it).
First of all, most of us eat wheat in the processed form of it and processed is bad for you. You can’t turn this one around: processed food = shorter, fatter life!
99% of us eat wheat when it is processed so even when you eat whole wheat you still eat highly processed food; and processed food is bad for you even if it says on the package “whole wheat”…

How much wheat you eat a day? I’m guessing if you’re like me you eat cereals or eggs with toast for breakfast?
What are you having for lunch today? A multi grain sub from subway loaded with veggie and some kind of protein?
What about dinner? A whole wheat pasta, salad and fish? Looks pretty healthy, right? WRONG! Tell me something, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF????

“Stop! Makeover time!” (You’re supposed to sing it like “hammer time”:  )

Here are a few changes to your diet:
If you love cereal, go for oatmeal.
Oat is not just a superfood; it is considered to be in the royal family of the super food. 1 cup of oat has more than your daily dose of vitamin b12 and an amazing amount of other vitamins and minerals!
 If you don’t have celiac disease there’s no single thing that is bad for you in oats so go ahead and eat some!
And now to the eggs lover, what about eggs with hash brown instead of toast?
Or if you have to have the bread taste in the morning try eggs wrap with veggies? (For recipes go to our facebook page

You can even try gluten free bread or bagel; it’s still highly processed  but in small portion it’s still better then wheat (even whole wheat) for 2 reasons: wheat is one of the most genetically modified organisms (gmo) out there so we don’t really know what’s in it (It’s for sure not whole wheat).

This is for real! And wheat is one of the worst. When I hear about children that suffer from gluten or wheat allergies I salute them. Do you know why? Because something in their bodies know that is bad for them so when people call it celiac disease I disagree; it’s not a disease – it’s an instinct!

Now let’s talk about another reason why wheat is bad for you.
The  components of wheat (the organic kind not the gmo kind) is what makes it so bad for you, even if you eat unprocessed whole wheat, organic wheat, it’s still going to be bad for you (not as bad of course but still very bad) .
When you choose to eat something that has sugar you need to buffer your body with fibres… That’s one big thing that you do to take care of your body the way your body deserves it, but unfortunately wheat has too much sugar for the amount of fibre in it, so it’s difficult for your body to absorb it and when your body doesn’t absorb sugar it becomes excess sugar, and excess sugar becomes fat.

When I started to write this post I decided to give wheat another chance so I’ve eaten a bagel a day and cereals…. I even went to gym and I still gained weight just because of the wheat!
I’m realistic enough to know none of us going to give up wheat and I know I’m not going to give it up. Not because I like it; just because sometimes you don’t have any other option and that’s ok: you won’t get fat from occasionally eating wheat but don’t eat it every meal every day.Wheat is the one thing I recommend to eliminate from your diet, it’s a promise! Don’t eliminate anything ever because life is for the living but wheat…: eliminate!

If you want to read about the bio-chemistry of wheat, the best book for it is “Wheat belly: lose the wheat,lose the weight and find your path back to health” by William Davis
But I’m not going  to talk about it because it’s REALLY boring but what I can do is tell you (on my next blog) how all the weight I’ve gained from eating whole wheat droped without any problem.

Before we finish here I would like to give you a few superfoods to use instead of wheat for extra points: oats, oats bran, quinoa, brown rice and buckwheat.
Thank god we have those grains so we don’t have to eat wheat. And like I’ve said before, for recipes go to our facebook page.

And remember you can have it all just try to keep the wheat to a minimum, ok?

Researched and Written by Dana Gat  2013 ©

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