Sunday, 24 February 2013

“I blame the microwave for most of our problems; anything that gets that hot without a fire that's from the devil” Ellen DeGeneres
And it pretty much summaries it. But just like my friends I bet you want to understand why it’s bad for you and then decide for yourself if you’re going to kick your microwave out of your home or keep hurting your health. Free will is important! J
The Swiss Federal Institute of Biochemistry made a study on the effects that microwaved food had on eight individuals, by taking blood samples immediately after eating. They found that after eating microwaved food, haemoglobin levels decreased. "These results show anaemic tendencies. The situation became even more pronounced during the second month of the study".
They also found that Lymphocytes (white blood cells) also showed a more distinct short-term decrease following the intake of microwaved food than after the intake of all the other variants.
the white blood cell are the one that in charge of defends the body against infection and disease.
Another change was a decrease in the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values.
And what about the fact that microwave can explode water?! Try to imagine what it needs to do to water to make it EXPLODE!!!! EXPLODE! Like BOOM! Crazy!
Have you ever thought about what it’s actually doing to the food to make it cook so fast? Or how the hell it cooks an egg in less than a minute and a half?
Microwaves work by using high-frequency radio waves (called microwaves) to make the molecules in your food move very fast, creating heat.

What makes microwaves so effective is that the radio waves have the ability to pass through paper, plastic and glass while being absorbed by your food.

Your food absorbs everything, meaning your body absorbs it too! GROSS! And extremely dangerous.
Also the radio waves used by microwaves, as with any other device that uses radio waves, produce radiation; in this case to your food. Yummy!
I love treats; brownies, fudge, cupcake, ice cream etc.
All of them are empty energy. Meaning I don’t get any nutrients from it but I do get sugar, bad fat, carbs that doesn't help me etc.
Part of what microwave does in order to cook and heat that fast is to break the food molecules so what you eat is food that doesn't have anything in it. Besides radio waves….
Is that what you want to eat? Would you give it to your children?
You can have a very healthy diet and cook all your food from scratch but if you’re going to heat it all in the microwave you might as well eat pizza every day.
I used to use microwave only for waxing but since then I just put the microwave in my storage room. I never use it for food or drinks; I prefer to eat my food cold but eat food and not something that used to be food and now has unnatural radio waves in it.
Let’s pledge to eat real food.
Are you with me?

Researched and Written by Dana Gat  2013 ©

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