Saturday, 9 February 2013

There’s nothing that makes me happier then water.
That’s where I feel complete. When I was younger I wanted to be a white water rafting guide. I even got accepted to an advance white water rafting guide course! And then I broke my elbow L, SAD!
2 surgeries later, I’ve decided to change my dream and become a nutritionist.
This is how we end up here.
But enough talk about me! Let’s talk about why you need to drink water.
Water is good for you!
You know it; I don’t really need to explain why.
If you don’t drink enough water you WILL get sick but did you know if you drink TOO MUCH water you can get sick too?
Why should you drink water?
It helps to energize muscles, helps to keep skin looking good, helps your kidneys, helps to maintain normal bowel function, protects our joint, gives a boost to out metabolism, helps our organs to absorb nutrients and protect them, etc.
It’s magical!
Most of the times when you’re not feeling well, drinking water would make it better.
If you have the flu, or even just a cold, drinking water makes you healthier faster. This is when I strongly suggest drinking so much water until you puke it.
Any other day I want you to drink 2-3.5 liters a day.
2-2.5 liter a day is great but there are days when your routine changes and you work out at the gym or you’re going climbing or perhaps you got you period and then, my friends, you want to drink between 3 to 3.5 liters a day.
2-2.5 liters a day is a good amount to start and then you can always add.
If it’s more than 3 hours since the last time you went to pee go and drink 2 cups of water.
Now, because you know how to read you also know that water is good for you so I can make this post short and just explain how drinking water help you to EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GAT FAT.
There are so many reasons to drink water but I’m going to talk about 2 of them; the 2 that help you EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GAT FAT.

#1 Drink ice water!
Body temperature is estimated at 37 degrees Celsius.
Water has zero calories in it but your body does burn calories warming itself… If you drink 2 liter of ice water a day you burn around 70 calories from that.
That’s not a lot but we don’t really care about calories here. What I love is that the ice water keeps your metabolism running afterwards.
It’s like walking on a treadmill for a half an hour vs. lifting heavy weights. You burn calories doing both but when you’re lifting weights you keep burning calories afterwards because your metabolism is running fast; same with ice water: you’re not only burning calories drinking it, but you keep your metabolism running.

#2 Drink water with lemon!
There are so many reasons for drinking water with lemon, but today we’re going to talk about why it helps you to EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GAT FAT.
Lemon helps flush out unwanted materials, increase the rate of urination in the body - which helps purify it. Lemons are also high in pectin fibre, the same ones that help fight hunger cravings.
Water with lemon also cleanses the liver; doing that helps your body to detox itself.
And that’s it…for now J
Make sure to check the Valentine post next week.
If you don’t love the taste of water don’t buy flavoured water! Make you own flavoured water and get extra nutrients from it!
Add any herb or fruit that you want (I suggest lemon, just saying) and enjoy super healthy flavoured water.
The flavored water that you buy in the store are good for almost as much as soda.

Researched and Written by Dana Gat  2013 ©

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