Sunday, 24 March 2013

Energy is probably the most important thing in life.
We all want it but if someone has too much of it we give them Ritalin to stop it (besides puppies -   everybody loves energetic puppies…)
To have energy is why we eat, sleep and drink.
Luckily for us, no matter where we go we can get some form of energy called coffee.
There are a few things I want to talk about.
First, coffee and caffeine are not the same.
There’s caffeine in coffee but not all caffeine is coffee.
I’m sure some of you heard that caffeine promotes weight loss.
It’s only half true.
Caffeine by itself does not promote weight loss but it keeps you up after 8 hours of work so you can go to the gym and going to the gym DOES promote weight loss.
It’s the gym, not the caffeine.
The only time caffeine helps your performance (like in a race or a competition) is when you abstain from it for a while and then consume it before the race.
Why? Because our body gets used to caffeine quickly, the more you consume it the more you need of it and the more you need it… like any other drug.
If you clean your body from it, then when you do consume it you’ll be going like the squirrel from the movie Hoodwinked:
When you consume coffee every day you make your body addicted to it (I’m sure you know it already but my job is to remind you of that) so for you to get the same “awake” feeling from it you need to consume more until at some point it will start to affect you blood; and when that affects your blood you’re at risk because clean blood = healthy body.
Can we really live our life without caffeine? I can’t!
Like I said before caffeine is not found only in coffee. We have caffeine in green tea (I LOVE green tea) and there’s caffeine in chocolate (you already know chocolate is the reason I wake up in the morning) and there’s also caffeine in sodas (I hate sodas…gross!)
I need my green tea and I need my chocolate but I don’t need coffee.
This post is about why not drink coffee, but if you can cut caffeine completely from your diet, just go and do it; I can’t, so I found what works for me and is not as bad for me.
Most of North Americans drink drip coffee.
Now let’s say you take you coffee black (I can’t do it) and you skip the cream and sugar and you save all these extra problems. You are still consuming  95mg of caffeine in every cup.
The North American average is 3.1 cups of coffee a day. That’s around 300 mg of caffeine a day! 2100 mg a week!
109,500 mg of coffee a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Green tea has 20mg of caffeine per cup and that’s a lot too. I drink a cup a day and that comes to 7300 mg of caffeine a year.
It’s a lot but it’s less than what the average person consumes in a month!
So I do consume caffeine, but not as much as I would have if I were to drink drip coffee.
Coffee is bad for you.
It dehydrates you and it messes with your body’s natural metabolism.
A lot of people drink coffee instead of water and then they are surprised when they die young or just look really old and have tons of heart problems (if you don’t know why you should drink water go and read rule #7).
If I’ll try to explain to you why drinking coffee instead of water I’ll get so mad that I’ll probably punch something. If you don’t know why it’s wrong, then something is wrong with you (and I say it with love).
To all the females out there: try to not drink coffee next time you get your period and see how it affects you cramps.
That amount of caffeine just put your body in stress, so no matter how much you stretch your body would still be sore (or at least more sore then the person next to you, who did not consume as much caffeine), you increase your chance to experience PMS from hell, you make your organs work a lot harder than they should and you have a bigger chance to suffer from all kinds of inflammations.
I can’t cut caffeine from my life but I can cut the amount, and coffee is too much of it.
By cutting coffee you cut the amount but I still don’t want you to drink 8 cups of green tea a day because it comes with side effects too.
I want you to cut the amount of caffeine because it’s a drug (that we all love) but I also want you to cut coffee because it dehydrates you so much that your metabolism doesn’t work like it should and when your metabolism doesn’t work you become a fatty and nobody wants to be fat; we all want to EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT!
Cut on coffee is rule #12 for how I EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT.

I would like to wish Happy Passover to all the Jews out there and good luck with cutting yeast for a week.
I wish we can cut yeast completely from our life. J

Researched and Written by Dana Gat  2013 ©

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