Sunday, 31 March 2013

So we come to rule 13… This rule is also about something that you don’t want to eat but I promise rule #14 is going to make your day!
This rule is about dairy products.
I’m not going to get into all the vegan arguments about what we do to cows when we milk them and how gross we are that we drink other animals’ milk and not our own mothers’.
I’m not going to talk about the connection between dairy products and asthma, I’m not going to talk about how we drink cows’ milk but we find breastfeeding inappropriate and why breastfeeding is not just healthy for your baby but can also save you from breast cancer.
I’m not going to talk about it because this blog is about how to EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT.
My biggest problem with dairy products is this little minor thing called added hormones. 
People have been fighting for years about whether dairy products are good for people or not and I came to the understanding that there are good things in them (calcium and protein) but it’s not good for you.
However, drinking other kind of dairy free milk (soy, almond, rice etc.) is even worse because it is soooo processed.
I know many people who drink almond milk because it’s low on calories… They don’t even care that it’s high on so many other bad things (crazy amount of sodium, for example) All they see is the big label that says 40 calories a cup! And then they wonder why they don’t lose weight and in a lot of cases suffer from swollen face and arms.
I drink soy milk…it’s so bad for you that you can’t believe: soy is one of the most GMO (genetically modified organisms) food out there but drinking regular milk make my belly ache and soy tastes the best with my green tea latte… I love my green tea (but you know it from last week).
I made the decision to drink soy milk instead of regular milk but I keep on hoping one day my willpower will be strong enough to not drink it at all… But I’m not there yet (or close…maybe in like 15 years J )
This post it not about why drinking dairy free milk is good for you, because it’s bad for you as much as regular milk. This post is about why, if you do choose to consume dairy you HAVE to consume organic dairy products.
I’m not sure I’m being clear enough about it, so you HAVE HAVE HAVE HAVE HAVE HAVE HAVE HAVE
To consume organic dairy products, and that is also one of the reasons why I drink soy milk because when I go to a coffee shop they usually have organic soy milk but they never have organic milk so it’s easier for me to stick to soy then consuming tons of hormones.
If you’re not an alien you have probably heard something about hormones and other stuff they give to cows and chicken (and veggies) so they would grow faster and make more product so they can have more money.
All those growth hormones make you grow more, so even if you don’t care about your health or about animals (I hope you do care), even if you care just about your size, drinking this kind of milk will make you fat.
What else does it do to your body? How about I start with the age girls in North America get their first period and how many problems they have because of their premature puberty?
My mom made for me and for my siblings organic food and I was the last of my class to get my period. Here in North America the average age is 12… that is not normal!
So many girls and women have so many problems because of it, with so complicated names I can’t even write so forget about pronouncing them!
You know what they tell those 12 year old girls to do? They put them on pills! Because if we give growth hormones to cows and make you sick we should give you more hormones to… I’m not really sure why… But a 12 year old shouldn’t be on birth control (they shouldn’t be having sex but If they do they should be on birth control).
How about I end up talking about what happens to the workers who give hormones shots to the cows? If they accidently touch it with bare skin…CANCER.
One word that summarizes it all . I know those people so I don’t try to scare you; I’m just telling you some stories that happened to my friends.
That is sad but it happened.
What they give to cows cause them cancer; how can you drink it and be safe?
Organic dairy products are not that expensive: the difference is less than a dollar!
And even if it were expensive…. have you priced cancer recently?
I just bought some organic yogurt to see how it affects my body… I promise to keep you updated… But if you do choose to consume dairy products (and that is completely up to you) I beg you to stick to organic. That’s one thing that is black or white for me… If you can’t get organic dairy DO NOT CONSUME IT AT ALL!
We consume so much dairy products on a daily basis that it becomes a matter of life and death.
If you do consume dairy products I suggest to not consume more the half a cup a day and I suggest to consume yogurt with probiotic as you dairy for the day.
That’s what I do and that’s how I EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT J.

Researched and Written by Dana Gat  2013 ©

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