Monday, 24 November 2014

Iron bomb

Rule 64


How many of you take iron supplement? About 65% of people take or have taken iron supplement. How many of you actually need it? (And I don’t mean how many of you THINK they need it I mean how many of you actually need it) - 4%
That’s mean 61% of people self-medicate themselves and you don’t understand the damage you cause to yourself!

Iron supplement is a success for marketing companies because so many people take it. But the amount of iron you need is so small, you can get it from food.
The number of people who actually suffer from anemia is so small; there more people who suffer from celiac diseases!

I had a lot of clients and you know how many of my client actually needed iron supplement? 1!
You know how many took iron supplement? Over 60%!

I swear women think that taking iron supplement is sexy, it supports their “princess waiting for prince charming to come save her” image.

Taking too much iron might cause severe stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, falling teeth/ grey teeth, hair loss, premature ageing (both skin and menopause) and more lovely things you can’t always fix.
Of course it has benefits too: hemoglobin formation, oxygen carrier, muscle function, brain function and more.

Also, not a lot of people know it but you CAN’T take iron supplement with: any other supplement, dairy, veggies, grains, coffee or teas. You can take it with orange. And you must wait 2 hours before you consume any of this food.

Or you can just get it from food like: beef, pork, chicken (or anything else that had a mommy in some point), seafood, brown rice, squash, pumpkin seed, peanuts, cashew, almonds, sesame seeds, broccoli, potato and more…so really…why are you taking iron supplement?

Dana’s Iron Bomb:
2 cups cooked brown rice
1.5 cups sauté broccoli
9 oz lean beef strips cooked
3 tbsp  sesame seeds
4 tbsp sesame oil
In a big bowl mix everything. And eat it!
Makes 3 serving J

so easy, so tasty, sooo sooo healthy!
Just the way I like it!
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Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

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