Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Low carbs and vegan

Not really a rule, just me trying to save your life…

My mission is to get you to realize how the industrial revolution (the one in the 18th century) screwed up our health in more ways than we can imagine!
What we call “normal” is not normal and this is the point where we start screwing our nutrition (when you think about before the 18th/19th century the only “lifestyle disease” was famine…and that’s hardly lifestyle related…
We used to die from natural causes and now most of us die because we don’t know how to live healthy! How messed up is it?

Seriously! Stop reading for a second and think about it, we kill ourselves with how we live! It’s sad!
When cereals have been labeled as “healthy food choice” you know we’re in deep sh*t!
Let’s check one of the “healthier” kind of cereal…Like special K blueberry flavour, its super healthy if you don’t mind about the 8 different kinds of sugar in it (not including the “natural flavour” that no one really knows what it means; beaver anal juice does make berries flavour pop out…) 
And of course a few kind of flours… but it’s healthy because it’s only 100 calories and NO FAT…
Do you mean that it’s much more important to not eat fat than to not eat 8 different kind of sugar…

Recently I’ve been named a “low carb expert” and I really want to take this time and remind you: carbs are not bad for you. They’re actually very good for you; the problem is with flour and sugar!
Yams, oats, fruits, veggies, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, honey and maple syrup are bad for you but how many of you are eating other types of carbs like…bread, pasta, white/brown sugar?
I don’t cut carbs I cut crap!
And no, I’m not on a gluten free diet either. I just don’t eat crap and guess what, if you don’t eat crap you won’t have gluten in your diet.
That’s all!

People are so afraid from cutting carbs and for a good reason: you shouldn’t cut carbs from your diet or you will die! Eventually… but if you won’t cut crap from your diet you’ll die a lot sooner…
So what’s scarier? Giving up on processed sugar for nature sugar or die from a heart attack, diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer, flu, weird bugs and more?
Our body can’t process crap so stop abusing your body!
For the last 300 year we thought it’s good for us and it’s so hard to change the way we think so forgive me because I won’t give up the fight and every little while I will remind you in the hope that you understand it more.

And because somehow I became a “low-carbs” expert and vegan expert (don’t ask me how it’s possible - I don’t know. People like to label..)
Here are some low carbs and vegan recipes to keep those people happy…
I’m just kidding… It’s impossible because there’s carbs is every veggie or legumes but I like when people label me…

Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

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