Thursday, 14 November 2013

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And now, ladies and gentlemen….rule 21…spoil yourself for a better skinny happy you.
Holiday season is here and if you’re like me and you have a different event every week - that you need a different dress and shoes for – you’re afraid of gaining weight. You should be! Holiday season and the chocolate and pies that come with them is why the average person puts on 20lb during a holidays season!!!
20lb is a lot! So before I start calling you fatty I’ll explain to you how you can enjoy the holidays and not gaining 20lb in the process.
How does spoiling yourself help you lose weight? For a start, if you take care of yourself, then you take care of yourself in all aspects of life; including good nutrition (a.k.a. meal preparation) and moving your bum!
I love to indulge and this is how I EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT! By spoiling myself with an haircut, face cream, foot cream, hand cream, a comfy sweater and Starbucks holidays drink (it just tastes better in those cute red cups!). There’s nothing wrong in taking care of yourself and put yourself first and this is how I do it! (LOVE Katy Perry btw)
Think about it, if you take the time in the evening to brush you hair, put night cream, cuddle up with a comfy blanket you’re probably going to wake up in the morning and want to keep taking care of yourself and that includes eat clean (no packaged food) and move your bum.
And if we’re already talking about moving your bum, what better way to burn some calories than go to all those holiday parties and DANCE IT OFF?
I see that I’m kinda all over the place now so I’ll summarise it for you:
·         Start spoiling yourself (get a haircut, take a bath, cuddle up with your other half etc.). It’s fun and it’s a great way to remind yourself to put yourself and your body before anything else (including family, friends and co-workers).
·         If you’re going to a party, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! You’re going to have fun, burn calories and get love and respect from others!
·         Eat beforehand and when you go there, spend more time talking to people and DANCING and have one dessert. You’re having fun, you’re networking and create friends and memories and still enjoying because you have a dessert, and you know you NEED to SPOIL yourself to get skinny J
·         Don’t drink. You already know what I think about drinking because you read rule # 2.
You get drunk in front of your co-worker can cause you some problem down the road, getting drunk with your family is a great way to become a FATTY because alcohol prevent you from burning fat for 3 whole days. So think about it.

·         Eat in moderation! Move your bum! Enjoy the holidays.

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