Monday, 21 April 2014

Strong is the new skinny.
I think this is enough and I can finish the post with that but I do love to talk so that’s what I’m going to do it.
I get this from my clients all the time “I don’t want to lift weights, I don’t want to look bulky”.Well, I can’t believe people still believe it but I’m going to say it once more: Unless you’re going to take growth hormones you’re not going to get bulky!!!
Do you know how much guys work in order to get bulky? I’m talking about 6 days a week and a diet that is much stricter then yours in order to get bulky. You think you’re just going to get bulky because you lift more than 5lb? Are you really that dumb? You think muscles just grow overnight? THEY DON’T!!! IT TAKES HARD WORK!
After I said it from my heart let’s talk about gym and diet.
I don’t diet, I eat. I eat to fuel my body and I eat because I like it. Simple as that.
I eat breakfast. A big breakfast.  6 egg whites and half a cup of oat or oat bran. I add maple syrup and usually a fruit (vitamin C is very important!!!) .
After breakfast I have 3 meals and then a protein shake and then a snack before bed.
I eat a lot and my metabolism is faster than yours, guarantee!
By using food as your fuel and not as food you can change your body and get your dream body.
It’s not my first post about it but I sure hope it is the last one.
Focus on gaining muscles and not only is your fat going to drop,, but the chances of gaining it back are low.
I didn’t lose a single pound in my life, I did, however get rid of 40lb. I have no plan look for them…
How  did I do it? By focusing on being strong and now skinny. To all you cardio queens, I bet you that you have more fat than me, meaning your chance of getting a heart attack and diabetes are higher and you don’t look as tone as you want.
To all you girl that lift 5lb – that’s cute. Dumb, but cute.
You’re not getting the results you want.
You want to EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT? Get stronger, lift heavier, burn fat and be awesome!
Strong is the new skinny.
Here’s a link, if you want to try and make a carrot cake protein bars.

Talk to you soon J

Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014 

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