Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fluids And Other Crap.
Remember last post? I told you about
water = water
and not, water = fluids like tea, coffee and juice.
So let’s talk about it.
 It’s summer. And when it’s summer we enjoy summer drinks. They’re colourful, cold and God knows I can’t… The other day I had 2 fresh squeeze orange juice!!!!!! So delicious!
You have to understand, fresh squeeze orange juice is like my favourite thing to drink! More than chocolate milk! 
And I like chocolate milk! And cold coffee, and virgin margaritas and fancy tropical smoothies.. with no yogurt!

I’m just like you! Lucky for me I live in a country with 8-10 months of summer so I don’t have to drink all these fully loaded high calories drinks in 2 months period and look at the mirror come September and try to remember how I gained 20lb; however I did live like that for the last 6 years so I do know how it feels and I live next to the beach!

You know how you go to Mexico and come back fat after lying on the beach and drinking for 10 days? 8-10 months of my life are like that…
I bet you’re jealous at me right now…haha

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, I was telling you about my summer craving.
It’s bad! There’s no reason to drink it! If you have it once in a while, that’s ok.
The less you have of it, the more you can have the fully loaded high calories on the rare occasion you have it.
I like it, but when I realized what it does to my body and how it prevents me from being lean and mean I cut it off almost completely.
 We already talked about coffee and teas so now I want to talk about juices.

Wheat grass juice is good for you. That’s it!
No other juice is good for you.

I don’t say that if you have constipation don’t drink prunes juice, but if you have constipation you might want to check what’s wrong with you… A few posts back I wrote and gave out plenty of recipes to prevent it from happening; don’t let your body get there (but it’s a different kind of post). What I say is if you’re pretty much healthy (we all have our sins, and why won’t we?) you shouldn’t drink any kind of juice or pop.
If it comes from a bottle and has a commercial - it’s probably bad for you; but you’re smart like that so I’m not worried about it. What worries me (and it’s also my weakness  so nobody’s judging you here…) is fresh squeezed juices.

How many oranges do you eat in one sitting? Only one, how many orange in one 16oz cup of orange juice? Like 5! And you finish it way faster (I bet you a 100$ that I finish it faster…lol). You know how much sugar is in it? 42 grams!!! It’s insane!!!!  And less than 1 gram of fibre. You know what this means? You’re going to keep all this sugar inside your body!!! That is going to turn into fat!
That’s not healthy! Not at all….:(

Same goes for apple juice, pomegranate juice and any other kind of fruit juice.
And that’s the fresh ones! The store-bought ones have as much sugar as 3.5 doughnuts! Like the big doughnut!

You’re feeding you kids every morning 3 doughnuts and you’re surprised when they grow fat and lazy? You’re feeding yourself and you’re still surprised that you’re not losing fat? You’re surprised that you can’t sleep at night? That you have diabetes?

One of the things that got me my fat as a child was the grape juice.
 It’s been 6 years since I had it… Guess who is lean now? Me!

That’s right ! And I love grape juice just as much as you love your iPhone - if not more!
Just to clarify: I’m talking about juice from fruit; not the syrup that you add water to (that’s not good for you but we’ll talk about it some other time). Just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page here.

So to summarize it for you: fresh squeezed juices have plenty of sugar and no fibre and too many calories. You’re much better off having the whole fruit. Once in a while is ok. But really, not often.
Store-bought fruit juices are bad. All of them! Not even 1 of them is good for you.
If it says on the label “natural ingredient”, it means that the crap they added to it is natural:
·         *  Crushed beetles (brings out the strawberries flavour)
·       *   Beaver anal glands (apparently it bring out the berries flavour in stuff)
·        *  Like the golden glow of beer? Fish bladder (it’s not juice but I thought you should know it)

Don’t get fooled by labels and don’t drink store bought drink.
I hope you’ve learned something new. I hope you’ll stop drinking store-bought juices and cut on the fresh squeezed juice.
If you need any help with changing your nutrition or any kind of training plan contact me:

   Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014 

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