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IIFYM vs. Clean Eating.
I write this post due to a lot of questions I got a little while ago about it.
IIFYM = If It Fits Your Macro
Clean Eating = You eat whole, not processed food. No dairy, no flour, no salt, no  sugar.
So first of all, macro is short for macronutrients.
Macronutrients are carbs, fat and protein. You must have food to survive.
There’s this point of view that everyone has a daily amount of carbs (in grams), fat, protein and calories and that the most important thing is that it does not exceeds this amount (in grams) of fat, protein and carbs, and of course it shouldn’t  exceed your daily calories allowance.
A lot of people find it easy to follow and not as strict as other diets. The reason being of course that you can have junk food as well If It Fits Your Macro.
Of course (that’s the part where you get a story and some backstage gossip from the fitness industry) the IIFYM people are being judged for eating “bad food”.
Well, it’s half true.
Yes if you choose to eat by what fits your macro you can have junk food; but like any kind of calories counting (or point counting like weight watchers)  if you eat healthy you can eat more while if you have a big mac you just got close to you daily macro/calories allowance.
All those fitness models that go by IIFYM are not eating junk. If you want to look good you can’t eat junk.
Meaning: who cares how you call you diet? How about people in the fitness industry would stop fighting and saying what they say is the best and only way and trying to make money from making you feel stupid?
You eat healthy? You move your ass? You’re doing great!
People that say that people on IIFYM eat junk are stupid. Just like people that eat only clean food and finish their workout with whey. Clean food means no processed food.
Meaning no milk (dairy or non-dairy), no sugar, no salt or any unknown ingredients like whey powder.
The more you move, the less crap you eat, the better you get.
IIFYM and clean eating people both eat more whole food than crap, both move their ass and that’s the way to lose fat.
Some people find it easy to focus on one thing and that’s ok.
IIFYM came from people who find clean eating is too hard. But don’t get fooled: You want to look shredded? You don’t eat junk at all. Doesn’t matter what you call it.
I go by portions; it’s easy to do and I don’t need to calculate anything.
My food is 90% clean but I don’t like to call it a clean diet. I do dairy and whey.
Processed food is bad. Nothing anyone says can change it, so relax and don’t try to find a name for your lifestyle; just live healthy and enjoy it.
If you do want help with a meal plan because you find it too confusing and you do want to know how to to portions that fit you (you got to find what fits you and only you. we’re all different), contact me at:

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