Thursday, 14 August 2014

So you know what I just realized?
I never told you my story! My weight loss story that is…
So…almost 6 year ago I was fat.
185lb of basically all fat…I was super weak…185lb and because it was all fat I looked like 220lb. and I was 18 years old.
But the story started way before.
April of 1990 a cute baby girl was born weighing 9.9lb!!! And yes, for some bizarre reason my mom still loved me…go figure… She said I was just soooo cute… Moms…
My favourites foods growing up were:
·         Burger king
·         Grape juice
·         Yams
·         Pasta
·         Chocolate
·         Ice cream
You get the point right?
Now it might shock you but I actually ate pretty healthy too, lots of veggies and other whole food home-made.
So what got me to be so big? TV had a lot of cool shows so….
Anyway, I was a fat kid and a fat teenager .
It wasn’t as bad as you think. Now that I see fat kids on the bus I feel bad for them but it wasn’t so bad; I was just very unaware of my weight. It’s not like I knew any different…I was always fat.
A few post back I was ranting on this type of girls who wish with all their hearts to be thin but for the life off them can’t move their asses; I was one of them (that’s why I allowed myself to bitch at them)! I prayed every night to lose the weight but when morning arrived I went back to the TV.
It’s not my autobiography and honestly my whole life story is not your business; it’s not that I don’t love you I just don’t like hurting people and if I all write my whole life story…I’m a bitch – let’s just say it like that ;)
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, so, when I was 18 years old I moved to Canada. Now I don’t know if you know that but there’s snow in Canada….did you know that?
So a fat 18 year old girl from the middle-east goes to a ski hill… Sounds like a joke right? Well this joke is when my life started!
I fell. I tried to stop myself with my hand (no, I didn’t know how to fall; I was never active enough to learn) and ended up breaking my wrist.
While my family went to the ski hill every day I was at home and one evening I decided that enough is enough! I want to look good and I want to be thin!
The day after I woke up in the morning, put my jacket on and started walking.
I never looked back.
40lb of FAT down and 20lb of muscle up I don’t think it was the right decision - I think it was the ONLY decision! Why would I spend my life being unhappy and unhealthy when it can be the opposite?
I decided to write this post because I wanted you to get to know me, to know where I’m coming from but also for myself.
To remind myself that I did something amazing, something that took work, and a lot of it.
My success wasn’t the amount of weight I lost. it was that I never gained it back. 6 years and I just get better and better!
The secret for not gaining it back is how you lose it. That’s why I have this blog: to help you understand so you can get your goals too!
If you feel like you need extra help please contact me

 Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

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