Thursday, 29 May 2014

I’ve been asked to do grocery list for you so let’s start! Every week I’ll put my weekly grocery list on the facebook page with pics but I want to explain why and how I choose everything. Don’t forget to check the weekly list for season surprises and new adventures.
Just to make sure you understand: I don’t buy it all in once but its stuff that I do buy!
·         Banana - If you do weight lifting and only on the days you lift you can have it
·         Berries - prefer fresh if you do choose to go for frozen make sure it UNSWEETEND, blueberries are the best choice then it blackberries/raspberries, cranberries and etc. and of course NO DRIED FRUITS!
·         Lemons or lime to add taste and to put in your water to clean your liver.
·         Local fruits you can add one small fruit to your food just try to make sure it local or not as high in sugar. I love grapes but I don’t but it all the time, same with pineapple…water melon however its nice…full with water and easy on your waist line (again, watch the amount) in the season I like having pomegranate.  I change it a lot and I try to cut on the sugary fruit or limited
 1 per day.
·         Tomato and cucumber (yes I consider tomato as veggie)
·         Green leaves (lettuce should be your last choice I much prefer you to go with kale, spinach, arugula, Swiss chard etc.)
·         Mushroom (shitake are anti fungal and they the best for you, if you trying to lose weight mushroom are great way to feel full and keep the calories low)
·         Onion (green are the best then purple, yellow, white and sweet)
·         Hot Peppers (I use jalapeno to spice my food and sometime I use chillies too)
·         Bell peppers (I don’t over eat them but probably once every 2-3 week I’ll buy it)
·         Asparagus (green and don’t forget to remove the steams)
·         Broccoli (it’s a must!!! Packed with everything! Don’t skip it and don’t forget to check post 34 because it just about broccoli…the KING)
·         Brussels sprout (low in carbs full with nutrition and give a nice twist for everything)
·         Cauliflower (because it awesome)
·         Green bean (PROTIEN)
·         Artichoke (superfood but sometimes annoying…I only buy it if I find frozen heart I don’t have the patience to deal with the leaves)
·         Fennel (superfood)
·         Watercress (superfood)
·         Okra (superfood)
·         Eggplant (superfood and also give you feel like you eating something very filling but still pretty low in calories)
·         Beet (superfood and also give you feel like you eating something very filling but still pretty low in calories)
·         Celery (you really need me to explain why?)
·         Yams (don’t forget to check post 36 to know more about it)
·         Quinoa (post 30)
·         Oats (don’t forget to check post 38 to know more about it)
·         Wild rice/brown rice
·         squash (winter and summer)
·         peas, carrot and corn (I don’t eat those things right now but you can )
·         lean turkey breast/lean ground turkey breast
·         lean chicken breast/lean ground chicken breast
·         lean beef
·         bison
·         fish (salmon is the best then tuna then anything and sole/basa/tilapia are you last choice)
·         canned tuna in water
·         Greek yogurt or probiotic yogurt
·         Eggs
·         Milk/chocolate milk (only in days I do weight training)
·         Lentils/beans (just because it nice to change sometime…not more then 1 every 2 weeks include hummus)
·         Once every 3-4 weeks I get to eat bacon (and I wish its was more)
·         Olive oil (extra virgin)
·         Coconut oil (ghee work too, check post 1 for more info)
·         Any natural nut butter (try cashew its great)
·         Hot sauce
·         Mayo (light)
·         Mustard
Lemon juice

Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

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