Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rule 26 is about being sick or injured while training.
Where is the crossing line? When do we keep training and when do we take a day off?
Should our food intake change? How about fluid intake?
Rule 26 is the one rule you don’t want to break no matter what. Unlike the other rules, here it is very black and white. If you don’t keep this rule you can end up with more health problem and more injury.
So let’s start!
When you’re sick, if you have fever, you’re dizzy or whatever, what is making you sick is in your lungs (cough DOES NOT count as being sick); so you should skip your workout. If you’re vomiting, skip the workout.
At any other time you should just stop being lazy because working out (this is when you want to do cardio) is going to make you feel better a lot faster than watching TV.
If you’re on medicines like antibiotics or pain killers given to you by your doctor, (sorry - pain killer for pms doesn’t count) - skip a workout;Not all of them…but at least one for sure.
Moving of injury.
Yes, you keep training while doing rehab to it. You can train other parts while strengthen the injured part.
Ever wondered why so many former athletes finish on the biggest loser? They get injured and start being lazy. Being injure can be a blessing, you get to know your body in so many different ways that make you a better athlete.
You’re not an athlete? If you train and eat right, for me you are an athlete! 
Why am I saying it?
Because athletes don’t diet – they eat and train!
Anyway, going back to the post…lol
Let’s talk about food. The only time you need to change your food is when you just finished taking antibiotics; then you need a probiotic yogurt. 
Fluids. Yes - drink more. If you’re sick you need to cleanse your body; if you’re injured you need to cleanse your body.
When I said fluids I meant water, with lemon. You can add some more food that contains water, such as cucumber, water melon and grapefruit. But mostly - 99% - water.
Does it make sense?

 Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

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