Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Rule 27.
Whey protein.
Is it bad? Is it good? Should a woman have it? Should you mix it with food or fluid? Which one should you have?
So… is whey protein good for you? Not as natural protein source is good for you. Cave men didn’t find it on the trees, it’s an unnatural source of protein. An unnatural source of protein I have pretty much every day.
We’re not cave men. Most of us work 9-5 and some of us are even able to squeeze a workout in our super busy life.
Protein powder is easy, fast and better than junk food.
We will talk about it more next week when we discuss rule 28: control your food and don’t let your food control you; having protein powder can help you when you’re short on time to make the right choices and control your appetite.
Who should have it? If you’re lifting and you have a full-time work you can probably benefit from it. Why does it matter? Like I said before, if you have time to make sure you eat enough protein, then it’s better. But if you’re lifting you need more protein to repair the muscle and therefore you can benefit from it.
The recommended daily allowance for protein for a potato couch is 50gm.  If you’re active it goes up, depending on your activity level. When I try to gain muscle I try to hit 150gm a day. Whey protein helps me reach this goal.
If you are a cardio queen you can skip it. As much as you probably don’t like to hear it you need more carbs to fuel yourself if you’re trying to lose weight you need to go and lift something… That’s the only thing that’s going to help you.
So yes: women and men can benefit from whey. If they’re active and if they can get it in in a natural way. (Like chicken or egg).
Should you mix it with food or fluid? The easy way to have it is to add it to water or milk. (Water is better for you; you do save some calories). When you get into bodybuilding you can add it to food but if you just come to the gym to work out and to lose some fat you really don’t need it. You can just have your food as it is…. Don’t go on a bodybuilder diet if you’re not a bodybuilder. Enjoy you carbs.
However if you do want to mix it with food, there’s nothing wrong with that! I will give you recipes in the end to try….there’s nothing wrong with exploring your food.
What kind you should have? If you’re trying to lose weight go for something low in calories and, more important, low in sugar! Stevia is ok, but refined sugar is a big no no!
If you’re trying to gain muscle, go for something with more calories. Ask the sales person to help you. This is their job! I love chocolate flavour… There also fruit flavours. Usually they’re  lower in calories but they’re also not as filling.
Make sense? Great!
Protein bars:
Watch how much you eat! It tastes good but you don’t want to over eat it…
·  Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate, 6 scoops
·  Oats, 1 cup
·  Peanut Butter, Natural, 16 ounces
·  Honey, 8 tablespoons
Stir and heat the honey and the pb. Mix with the oats and whey. Put in a grease pan and shove it in the fridge overnight.
Cut and eat J
Chocolate protein pancake:
·  1 scoop chocolate whey
·  2 tbsp your choice of milk
·  1/3 cup egg white
·  1 tbsp coco powder
Mix and fry it in a pan.
Ice cream protein:
·  1 1/2 cup coconut milk.
·  1/3 cup protein powder (vanilla)
·  1 cup your choice of berries
Blend it with ice.

Now go play!

Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

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