Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Rule 50.
WOW! What? Already? Such a milestone! How should we celebrate it? I think YOU should make a cake for me! I would love to see what you learned from me…
This time we’re going to talk about health.
If you really need me to explain to you why good health is important you’re…well, maybe it’s better if I won’t say…
You know you should make at least 80% of your food yourself, that if something has a commercial it’s not as good for you as something that doesn’t need commercials (like eggs, veggies, meat and whole grains), you should drink more water and less of any other stuff (alcohol, juice, coffee etc.), you shouldn’t use sugar and salt, sleep more, have a treat once in a while, keep you hygiene perfect, dance, share and LOVE.
This post is not going to be on how screwed up is this world in which healthy food is more expensive than junk, and this post is not about how basic things like healthy lifestyle are so rarely promoted by government while pills and drugs are; this post is not about how much death in this world is caused by lifestyle and can be prevented, it is not about how much it costs us to pay for obesity-related problems; no! This post is not about that, it’s about fitness!
First of all let’s talk about myths that I’m still in shock that people still believe in but I’ll say it again; maybe I’ll reach a few more women this time.
“Lifting weights makes you look bulky” – how dare you say it? Guys worked their ass off to get bulky and you think just get bulky? You don’t have the hormones for that! You don’t just get bulky, just like if you were born white you won’t get black just by listening to hip hop. It doesn’t work like that.   
“If you want to look like a supermodel you should only do cardio” – another version of the same myth; no matter how much cardio you do your bones can’t change; meaning: you’re not going to like Gisele. She’s Gisele for a reason. Treadmill won’t give you thigh gap because thigh gap is something you are born with. If the bones in your legs have this shape they have it, if they don’t they don’t.
“Only guys do bench press” – because parky breast is something women don’t like? Do bench press.
“ you should only lift light weights and do lots of raps” – good luck lifting your grocery bags. Muscle is muscle. Women have muscles and guys have muscles. They work the same. We don’t have the same hormones but we have the same muscles so we should train it the same.
“you should do pilates because it lengthens you muscles” – going back to this bones thing, your muscle start in a point in your body and end in a different point in your body. Can you open your body and move your muscles around? Maybe try to sew your muscles together?
“don’t lift weight because if you stop doing it all your muscles will become fat”  - there’s more chance if you leave your milk outside for too long it will become tomatoes.
Now after that’s done, let’s talk about what you should do.
You should do all of it!
You know how food should be? The all 55% carbs, 35% protein and 10% fat?
Same goes to the gym! Your weight training is your carbs, cardio is protein and flexibility is your fat.
55% Hit the weights: get stronger bones, burn fat, tone up, gain stamina, speed your metabolism, sleep better and be a bad ass! The how, when and what are varying from a person to person so please email me if you need help at: Danagatfit@outlook.com
35% Cardio: 3 times a week for 20-30 min. try sprint for 20 second and rest for 10 second. Repeat 8 times. Walk for 1 min. now do it all again 3 more times. You just finished a great cardio workout in 20 min.
10% Flexibility & mobility: 15 min in the end of every workout should use to prevent injury and improving you overall athletic performance.

That’s it for this time. No recipes, I know, but feel free to go check my instagram for daily recipes and tips @danagatfit.

 Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

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